Monday, November 18, 2013

Xclusive Interview With Adetunji Olalekan Of

MAY We Know You Sir?: MY. NAME IS Adetunji Olalekan But most people call me Lekksite. How Did You Discover Blogging?:Through the use of social media like facebook and twitter,Also by joining some forum website which has really helped me a lot. So what really inspired you to start
Blogging?:I saw most of my friends that owns a blog and I love doing something like that,I really had passion for it,I saw most of there post on the forums and how they talked about it.WHEN DID YOU STARTED BLOGGING? I started march 2013. HOW WAS TRAFFIC ON YOUR BLOG LIKE? It really impressive because of the idea I have,Though it has not been easy,My entertainment blog will clock 2months by Nov 20.WHAT DO YOU THINK IS RESPONSIBLE
. I update faster, I drive my traffic from Facebook, I have a lot of contacts on my BBM (600+) I do BC (broadcast message) and some of them do share my updates. Since you started blogging, many
people have been inspired to start
their own blogs. Do you feel
intimidated by the competition?
I don't,Am even happy about it , I help most of them in completing there blog designs,I like young people creating creative stuffs. Do you ever think you will one day
get bored or tired of blogging?
I can't. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE TO OLD AND YOUNG BLOGGER?My advice for the young blogger and those that just started blogging is that they should just forget about the money making with there blog. Withing there first 3 months,All they should focus on is updating there blog and driving trafficAfter thet do that and they are serious about it , money will surely come,And to the bloggers that abandon ther blog because of adsense.Because adsense is not the only ads platform. blog) (Entertainment) I also blog for a popular Nollywod film director Mr Charles Novia @

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