Friday, November 22, 2013

RIP Linda Godwin! How Chima Anyaso Helped Her & Others

Linda Godwin is a 24-year old wife,
mother and daughter who lost the
battle to live to cancer few days ago.
She discovered a lump in her breast
and went for medical check-up, but
they told her she was fine and it was
normal. Linda continued to live her
normal live, until she felt uncomfortable
again in her breast and went for
another medical check-up. This time
around, they told her she had breast
cancer. Linda and her family sorted for
help, and Linda was admitted at LUTH
before loosing the battle few days ago.
Even though she fought to live, some
days to her death, she told those who
came to see her that the pain was too
much and it were better being dead
than alive. She said, ''abeg this pain is
too much make person even die''.
A friend reached out to Chima Anyaso (I
know you all know him, Chima has his
good side after all), and Chima came to
her aid. Not only did Chima support her
till she breathed her last, he also went
with her friends, such as Abiola Aloba
to LUTH to see her. After speaking and
cheering Linda up, Chima also met
some patients who needed thousands
of naira to settle their medical bills,
some even needed it to buy urgent
drugs, and Chima volunteered to pay
for all the patients in the ward, which
he did. A friend said, Chima stood by
Linda all through, and her death must
have caused him a great pain.

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