Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nollywood Sexiest: Behold the top10 as Tonto Dikeh top

Tonto Dikeh: Tonto is now hanging on
to the first place with all the tenacity
she can muster because the next
person to her is breathing hot down her
Stephanie Okereke: Stephanie keeps
missing shooting off Tonto by
hairsbreadth but yet nothing missing
her in her range. The ding-dong
continues between the two.
Nevertheless Stephanie remains 2nd.
Ebube Nwabo: Still keeping her 3rd
spot even though Yvonne looks to be
having bad intention week in, week out
about her. The duo are also having a
tussle of sort.
Yvonne Nelson: Yvonne is still at 4th
but very restless. Though she lost her
grip when she moved to 2nd at a point
but she's coming back so strong again.
Angela Okorie: Angela has the funniest
story among the lots. At a point she
was put up for eviction, then surviving
it, she seemed to develop a phobia for
the exit as she has pushed herself up
to the 5th.
Colette Orji: Colette too has had a scary
time at one point or the other but she
has survived and still surviving. She
holds on to the 6th place.
Biodun Okeowo: Biodun is also the only
Yoruba actress remaining in the 'quest'
and what a week she has had as she
has moved to the 7th place.
Queeneth Hilbert: Queeneth is as good
as they come even though she has had
some turbulent stay in the quest. She's
now on 8th spot
Cynthia Agholor: Cynthia isn't having a
bad run, it is just that the 'quest' is
getting more intense and too erratic for
anyone to be able to stick to anything.
She remains on 9th
Rita Dominic: Our leading lady isn't
having a fairytale outing in this
'Sexiest' business. She has come short
of expectation but hanging on by the
strand of her hair at 10th.

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