Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In Indonesia, Snake Spa Offers Python Massage Services

Feeling stressed? A bunch of
writhing, slithering pythons might
actually make you feel better. A spa in
Jakarta, 'Bali Heritage Reflexology and
Spa', now offers exclusive snake
massages for its patrons.
The unique treatment involves
pythons being placed on the patron's
bare back. Patrons who feel terrified
reap the best benefits from the
massage, as the fear is said to release
adrenaline, which has a positive effect
on metabolism.
Spa owner, Mr Paulus Abraham, said
that the slithering movement is
something that a therapist just cannot
provide. For safety reasons, the
pythons are fed thirty minutes before
being used during treatment.
Up for the challenge? Each massage
is priced at about USD$47, about three
times the price of a regular Balinese

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