Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nollywood Actress Taiwo Aromokunstranded in London, unable to pay house rent

The actress got into this mess when
she married an alleged Londoner last
year but later found out the man lied to
Apparently the man doesn't have a
legal stay in the United Kingdom, so he
can't stay in London.
Following her baby delivery in London,
Taiwo Aromokun has battled many
challenges including her inability to pay
her 3 bedroom apartment rent in Lagos
Nigeria. According to industry sources,
the Egba-born actress is presently
stranded in London with financial
problem which didn't permit her to
return back to Nigeria with her twins.
To prevent eviction from her apartment
in Lagos, the actress sent people to
plead with her Landlord but the baba in
question refused to listen. As we speak,
the landlord has given the actress one
month ultimatum to pay all her
outstanding rent or he will forcefully
evict her from the house. In the face of
all these challenges, her husband is no
where to be found.

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