Friday, November 22, 2013

Introducing the

Twitter Is Here Again IntroducingIntroducing the new
. As Twitter's role in the media world
continues to grow and evolve, we
wanted to create a place where people
and companies from the worlds of TV,
sports, journalism, government, music,
faith and nonprofits could have self-
service access to ways to increase their
impact in the global town square.
So today we are introducing, a new site
dedicated to Twitter best practices,
success stories and more. Whether you
are an indie producer or a media
conglomerate, we have resources for
This new site, which is a searchable
database of how-to's curated by the @
Twittermedia team, is designed to
complement our other channels:
•this blog, which regularly
chronicles the great work media
players are doing with Twitter
•our portfolio of newsletters, which
detail successful Twitter uses by
•our various Twitter accounts
Please have a look and send us any
feedback on the new site at — and we hope
you enjoy it.

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