Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enugu state First Lady deniesbeing detained by husband, Gov Chime

Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu
State on Tuesday night denied
subjecting his wife, Mrs. Clara Chime,
to house arrest and has vowed to
protect her from being exposed to
ridicule. Chime made this denial in the
presence of some journalists, his wife
and her elder brother, Mr. Tony Igwe.
Also present were the governor's
siblings, Mrs. May Oji and Dr. Jide
Chime, as well as Mrs. Chime's neuro-
psychiatric doctor, Dr. Aham Agumuo,
among a few others. At the interview
session, the governor's wife denied
sending any petition to the National
Human Rights Commission alleging
unlawful detention by her husband.
She also denied hiring the services of
Mr. Femi Falana to seek her freedom
from an alleged house arrest at the
Governor's Lodge, Enugu. Continue
Falana had claimed in his letter to
media houses and the Inspector-
General of Police that he was engaged
by the governor's wife to seek her
freedom from alleged house arrest.
The state governor, however, stated
that it was "so disturbing" for him to
speak out publicly about his wife's
health challenges.
He vowed to do all within his power, no
matter the personal pains, to protect
her from ridicule.
"Well, my wife has some medical
challenges and it would be very unkind
for me to talk about her condition on
the pages of newspapers.
"I have done everything to protect her
integrity and I'm not now going to
expose her to ridicule because some
people want to exploit her situation to
drag me into a needless war of words,"
Chime said.

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