Thursday, November 7, 2013

Funke Akindele And TheBastardisation Of The English Language

The entertainment industry is dulling
our inteligence
The Nigerian entertainment industry,
as well as the Nigerian government and
society, is greatly contributing to the
falling standard of education in Nigeria.
Children, just like adults, over the
years, believe in the printed and
electronic media and they copy, or hold
so dear, whatever they see or hear on
TV and read in newspapers.
Before now, entertainers like Zebrudaya
Okeke alias 4:30,
Jaguar, etc enlivened the industry and
provoked laughter, while infesting the
learning environment with wrong
grammatical expressions, sounds and
For example, "More grease to your
elbow" is a bastardised version of
"More power to your elbow"; "Cut your
coat according to your size" instead of
"Cut your coat according to your cloth";
"Action speak louder than voice"
instead of "Actions speak louder than
words"; "The devil you know is better
than the angel you don't know" instead
of "Better the devil you know than the
devil you don't"; and "Half bread is
better than none" instead of "Half a
loaf is better than no bread."
These are a few examples of English
expressions that have been
bastardised as a result of our contact
with the
entertainment industry.
From the music industry, entertainers
such as Olamide,
Whizkid have changed the mindset of
many young Nigerians, infusing slangs
– which students remember quicker
than a teacher's teaching or formals –
into their songs. Such spirit kills the
quality of teaching and learning.
The worst of these people in this
century is Funke Akindele. She rose to
stardom by her clownish behaviour and
expressions. Such expressions and
utterances are, in fact, killing the
quality of education in Nigeria. In her
movie, The Hero, Funke's grammar was
so bad that it made watching the
movie very more At

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