Saturday, November 2, 2013

Top 10 Celebrities Who Went To Jail

1. Paul McCartney: Before the
Beatles, and before his knighthood, Sir
Paul had spent quite some time in jail.
The 'nicest' member in their motley
group, Paul took not one, but two
rounds of jail! Little known about him
is his penchant for marijuana. In the
year 1980, Sir Paul had to serve seven
days in jail for trying to sneak in weed
to Japan. And before that, he and his
fellow-Beatle tried to light a condom
inside the wall and were arrested by
the German police and even deported!
Mr. Knight did have adventures!
2. 50 Cent: The rugged, tough-guy
look sprinkled with a generous dose of
tattoos does make 50 Cent seem like
he must have spent some time in jail.
Mr. Curtis James (His name before he
adopted the moniker) was jailed for
trying to sell crack. As luck would have
it, Curtis was trying to sell four
precious vials of cocaine to an
undercover police officer. The next
thing he knows, he is behind bars! He
was also arrested again after he
jumped into his audience after
someone threw a water bottle at him.
3. Lindsay Lohan: The former Disney
star and famous child actress has had
serious squabbles with the law. In fact,
critics have raised a pretty valid
question-Has she spent time away
from jail ever? Recently, she was
detained again for violating her terms
of probation. This is her fifth sentence
and her charges include a wide variety-
from drunken driving to stealing
millions of dollars' worth jewelry.
4. Lil Kim: Kimberley Denise had a
hard life on streets after she was
expelled from home. The American
Rapper was accused of lying before a
grand jury on being involved in a
shooting outside a studio. She was
sentenced to one year in jail, but came
out after serving for ten months.
5. Alfred Hitchcock: The master
movie-maker, Hitchcock had a serious
fear of jails and the police. Apparently,
as a young boy, his father had made a
London policeman arrest him and put
him in jail for being 'a bad boy' and
'getting bad grades'.
6. Frank Sinatra: Before his heavenly
voice soothed people and charmed the
ladies, Frank still had a penchant for
being quite the lady's man. 23-year-
old young Sinatra was arrested in New
Jersey for having sexual liaisons with a
married woman on charges of 'adultery
and seduction'. Hmmmm…interesting!
7. T.I: The famous rapper-singer had
collaborated with Rihanna for the song-
live your life which in turn was inspired
by the time he had spent in jail. T.I
was arrested on charges of owning
weapons. The time he spent in jail
must have been productive because
he is widely praised for preventing a
suicidal man from jumping off a 22-
storey building.

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